Give gifts that build faith, inspire hope and ignite change in places where the Church is alive and growing, but resources are scarce. With your help, Catholic Extension enables faith communities to thrive by providing financial support for people, their ministries and the churches they call home. Your gift to mission dioceses can build faith across America, transforming lives, hearts and society.


Wish #20 - $10,000 Supports A Semester's Education For A Seminarian On His Journey To The Priesthood 

Mission Dioceses Throughout America

The number of young men entering the seminary is higher than it’s been in decades, and many of these are coming from the Mission Dioceses! But the cost to educate and prepare these men is high – and many won’t be able to complete their journey without our help. Indeed, an incredible 650 seminarians we support are praying for your help today. Your gift helps cover tuition expenses for a seminarian, helping him complete his studies and devote his life to the Church, serving God’s people.

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It is our intention that all donations be applied to your specified area.  However, should your wish list item become fully funded, your donation would then be applied to other similar needs in mission dioceses.

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