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Father Jorge Morales

Just imagine you live in Puerto Rico. It’s been 1 year since your home, and everything in it, was completely destroyed by Hurricane Maria, the 3rd strongest storm in American history. In 2017, Hurricane Mariacaused over $100 billion in damage. Over the past year, there has been progress, but life as you knew it has been irrevocably changed by Hurricane Maria damage.

Tens of thousands remain without adequate shelter. 60,000 homes still have temporary roofs. Power outages are still a frequent occurrence. Yet, there are stories of hope, as the resilient people of Puerto Rico supportone another and continue to work toward recovery. We must stand united for Puerto Rico hurricane relief.

Catholic churches in Puerto Ricoare the best avenues for getting physical and emotional support to those who need it most. The effects of the devastating Puerto Rico stormremain, and your support of these parishes is needed to help the Church continue this vital hurricane rebuilding outreach.

Again, imagine surveying the massive amount of damage to your home and neighborhood in Puerto Rico. You feel as if the world has forgotten you already. You wonder, who is helping Puerto Rico? Then you turn your head slightly, and see your home, your school, and your church being rebuilt, thanks to Puerto Rico relief funds. For the first time in months, you smile. And know that you haven’t been forgotten. Hurricane Maria donationshave the power to change lives.

You can restore hope. Renew the spirit. Help hurricane victims. And remind the people of Puerto Rico that God forgets no one. Please join us as we rebuild communities of faith in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Please donate to Puerto Rico relief efforts.

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