Catholic Extension’s 2020 Christmas Wish List offers special ways to let Christ touch the lives of others through your generosity. These wishes come straight to Catholic Extension from the bishops of poor mission dioceses across the United States. They represent the urgent needs of Catholic communities that are rich in faith but lack the resources to support themselves. 

Please give a gift today that will make a difference long after the decorations have come down. Explore our Wish List and help us build faith, inspire hope and ignite change in poor Catholic communities across America.

Show Your Love This Christmas

Browse the Wish List to designate your Christmas donation to a ministry close to your heart.

When you're done selecting your wishes, simply click on the shopping cart icon to proceed to the payment menu. 

It is our intention that all gifts be applied to your specified wish. However, should your specified wish become fully funded before we receive your gift, your donation would then be applied to other similar needs.